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Blogmas is actually going to be a thing this year. I hope you can see right on the onset that I am excited. I know I Know I have been absent for a while but I will be explaining all in the future posts to come.


In case you do not know what blogmas/Vlogmas is, it is when bloggers and vloggers film and share with you almost daily their activities over the Christmas period. So while I do not intend to post every day, or film, (phew you can breathe). I’m not going to fill your inbox every day. I am however going to post a lot more.  Christmas is one of the few times that family and friends get together and so there is a lot happening and I’m going to share as much as I can.


So prior to that I just want to share with you what has got me this excited and inspired. For me remaining positive is my saving grace from God. The glass has to be half full all the time if I am to find solutions to my problems. But remaining positive is not the easiest thing to do and so again surround yourself with those who want to pull you up even when you cannot see it for yourself.

Like every normal person, as positive as I am naturally I still have my off days though I refuse to let it last. Because the mindset is everything. It is a direct reflection of your current situation,  I can already see the wheels turning in your head, you’re thinking I cannot be right, I have tried to stay positive, all that and then some but then nothing has changed. This is where I tell you a not so secret, secret.

“The change has to begin with you.”


One of the ways that help me to stay motivated is attending events. By doing this I am able to meet like-minded people, learn from the people who inspire me and develop myself and my environment. Yesterday I attended an event that left me inspired, impressed and motivated. It’s one thing to want change and it’s another to actively start doing it. And to start it is a risk. Heck, anything in life is a risk but most of them if not all are worth taking at the right time. When a friend of mine invited me to it, I had no expectations what so ever. To say I was shocked to see the queue and the number of people there would be an understatement. There were so many gems that were shared at this event, I’ll be here forever if I was to write them all down. But I will also be greedy if I was to keep this all to myself, after all, I created this blog to give me a platform to share my journey with you and really help anyone anyway that I can, especially by adding value to their life if nothing else.

Selfie & making new friends

Ask Yourself these!

Most of these things I’m about to share, you have most likely heard them before, and until you see people who are living examples of it, you may not understand it but believe it, it is true and as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Before this event, I had never heard of David Imonitie, Zain Khan and so many others, but they each shared principles that I have stated in the previous blog posts if you have been with me for a while, these should all sound familiar.

“Humility – You have to stay humble in life. Someone

is always going to be in a position above you no matter

how high up the ladder you go. It doesn’t cost you anything”.

  1. Who do you listen to?
  2. How teachable and coachable are you?
  3. What is your Success balance scale?



Its one thing to attend an event, it is another to be inspired and it is another to learn. But to be in a place where you can learn; be inspired spiritually and physically and on top of that be pushed into action that is a whole other chapter. This basically means that next time, you have to be there with me. I’ll be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks into my new venture. If you like my finance post, stay tuned!. I hope this post has ignited a spark to get you doing things you have decided to forget just because of its December. Just because you have not been able to achieve it over the last couple of months doesn’t mean it can’t be done or you should push it into the following year. Let pull our socks up, believe and then show up!



How to End Your (Mon)Day Right

Good morning all, hope the weekend was great and you are feeling ready for this new Monday morning! Since last weeks post was about “How to Start your Monday Right“, it was suggested by one of my lovely subscribers to write a post on How to end the day right. Now as you know I am no expert, but I love to share with you little tips and trick I have learned and utilised over time.  You have by now, learn to start your day in a way that sets you up to win. By winning I mean making your day and hopefully the rest of your week as productive and as rewarding as it could possibly be.

Again, while there is no one exact way to complete a day, I believe it ending it well sets you up for the next day. So what ways will be great to end your day, basically this is a writable version of my night-time routine.


How to End Your Day Right

I am not ashamed to admit but I like to be in my bed at 10 pm during the weekdays. I do not always go by this rule during the weekends but come Sunday night, my uniform for work and bag is packed and I endeavour to be in my bed by 2130/45 hrs.  This allows me 15 to 30 mins to reflect on my day. I can use this time to fill in my diary, tick off my to-do list and make sure my planner is up to date. The same way I have an alarm set for the morning, I have one set for night time. This way I do not lose track of time.

Take a break

When the day starts and you have all those things on your to-do list, it is easy to get lost in getting things completed. I am bad for this. For example, when I relocated yet again to my new place, I was very determined to have my room set up as soon as possible. (check out my earlier post on how to make a move easier) One, mainly because for me an untidy room equals a confuzzled mind. As my aunt will say, ‘I can’t think far’ when my room is in a messy state. I practically took a day to sort it all out and did not eat until I had finished after 10 pm. This is obviously not a good habit. So, when you start something,  learn to take a break. It is recommended to take a break every 40 to 45 mins, especially if what you do requires staring at a screen for longer periods of time. In all honesty, I think this is something I need to do more of.

Phone and Social Media

This is nothing new and I am sure all that I am about to say, you have already heard. The same way it is advised to not use your phone first thing in the morning is the same way you shouldn’t use your phone when you are winding down and getting ready for bed. You put your brain in a reactive state, taking in unnecessarily information which your brain has to take in, as well as to process and respond to. Use that time to read or spend time talking to a loved one. using the last bit of the day to reflect and meditate is really important.


How to end your Day Right

In the same way, that morning messages are important so are the messages that you hear before you go to bed. It is said that you dream about the things that you were thinking off before you fell asleep. So whatever you receive you take into your subconsciousness. Therefore it is important that you reaffirm the messages you said and heard in the morning.

Now I am not perfect and although these are the practices I have put in place I do not always follow them. It is easy to give advice but not so easy to follow them yourselves. However, I find it much easier to follow these when I am on my own. This works for me, you do not have to follow it to the T. Hopefully if you find this post to be helpful you can adopt the practices that you believe will be helpful.

Comment below things that you like to do to complete your day.


How to Take Charge of Your Morning

I know it has been a while since I did a post dedicated to motivation and to really inspire us all to do more. This is mainly because I had fallen out of my habit of listening to motivational speeches in the morning.  I have started doing this again and honestly, I can’t believe that I actually eased out of it. It is not a habit I want to lose. For me, it helps me to take hold of my morning and therefore the rest of the day.

Sovereignty and Power in the Morning

My most productive days are usually determined by how I start my morning. Which is why what I feed into my mind is so Important. Jim kwik states “most people give away their sovereignty and power away first thing in the morning, the first thing that they will do is to check their phone for everything, by doing this dopamine is realised and the brain begins to rewire, training them to be distracted all the time”.  Imagine having your brain distracted for a min, then hours, then days, can you see how unproductive you are most likely to become? If the first you do in the morning is something that moves you, it will prepare you to do the same for the rest of the days.

Make Your Bed

How to take Charge of your morning

Like everything, it is easier said than done. Most of us know that the habit of checking our phones first thing in the morning is not healthy.  Nevertheless, we still find it difficult to stop. ‘Bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with’. If you do not want your days spent distracted, then it is best we create new habits for the morning. How do we do this?

Lets us start with the little things. In a  speech by Admiral William McRaven, he tells his audience if you want to change the world then start by making your bed in the morning. this may sound silly initially but as he goes on to explain it all falls into place. making your bed in the morning is simple. Meditating for 2-5 mins is simple (same amount of time if not more you will spend on your phone). The point is if you can allow yourself to do the simple things first, it will bring you satisfaction and push you onto bigger things.


Your phone is not your alarm

Here are a few things I have learned to use to help me manage the first hour of the mornings.

  1. Buy yourself an alarm. the excuse that your phone is your alarm is ancient now. First of all alarm clocks are not expensive but you can get fancy if you want. I have one which slowly lights up my room (mimicking sunrise) before the music starts. this way I am not jerked out of my sleep and waking up in the morning is a more pleasant experience.
  2. Read a morning devotional / Write down or speak affirmations for your day. What do you want your day to be like? You need to see it in your vision before it becomes a reality. How to take charge of your Morning
  3. Make your bed!
  4. Affirm this with a podcast / audible book/ meditate / as you get ready for the day.

These are four very simple steps that are not time-consuming at all.  As you get more comfortable you can include into it exercise as well.

Hope you find this post and tips useful, be sure to comment if you have other things that you do in the mornings.

“Good habits are hard to make but easy to live with, Bad habits are easy to make but hard to live with”



The older I get the more aware I am of this. Lately, I have been thinking about how quickly time seems to be flying past. If I am being completely honest, I cannot help but get into a little panic sometimes. It feels like only yesterday I completed college and decided to take time out before carrying on with my higher education. Yet here I am almost five years and 23 years old about to embark on my university education. Sometimes when I think of how much time has gone past I cannot help but get a little anxious about waiting so long.


There are a lot of things that I would like to accomplish in my life and like most people (or maybe is just me) I like to put a time frame on them.  I have come to learn that dreams, remain dreams and never moves into the goal setting and achieving category if there is no time frame around it.  For example, If I wish to visit Bali, but if I keep saying and never actually set a time in which I would like to go, I will probably keep saying that till the day I die. Sounds drastic, but the things that we say set our minds and action in motion. So by saying, I would love to visit Bali next year in the summer, I will automatically start thinking of how to fund this trip and make it a reality.


Having learnt this lesson about myself has really helped to make realistic goal setting and achieve them. But I have noticed that it can sometimes limit the vision and cause me to rush and feel left behind. For example, to have completed university at this age rather than be starting. Let us just say my life has not exactly gone to plan as I set while in my teens. I took a bit of a detour. After college, I went to work and decided I would go to university later on when I was most confident on my course and career choice. While some people may take a gap year to do this your girl is in her fifth year.

I have applied to university almost every year and each of those times I have differed my course dates. There are times where I have considered dumping the whole idea. Afterall I have a good job that pays well. I could instead take the alternative route to my main career of choice. There are now more than ever other ways to become a professional solicitor or barrister. But if I am being honest my biggest fear has been at most times my age. The older I get the further away it felt.


It seems irrational writing it down but nevertheless, it was something that bothered me for a while and again if I am being honest, it niggles at me every now and then. The fear isn’t about getting older, that doesn’t really bother me. You cannot beat ageing so why not join in and age gracefully? My issue remained in ageing but not accomplishing my goals alongside. It is important for me to use my twenties to lay down my foundations, set my grind. I do not want to be doing in my thirties what I should have done in my twenties.


So how am I dealing with this fear? I thank God for my family and friends. Having an inner circle of friends, I can get real with has been a Godsend and my backbone. I am constantly being reminded of the things I have accomplished during my gap five years. I also know that I have made these years fruitful. The growth I have experienced as a person is something to be proud of. More so I am learning that age is nothing more than a number. It is not to be a hindrance and determining the factor of where you should be. There are people of a certain age we would expect to be wiser and yet more than enough times we have all experience a child shows more wisdom than the adult.


I want to encourage anyone who may feel like they are behind on the things they want to gain in their life for whatever reason that it still within their reach if they want it. It is not going to be easy. They are going to be obstacles, however if you want it passionately enough the obstacles can and will be turned into bridges and foundations to which you can look back and say this is how far I have come and this is what made me the woman you see today, but she is still becoming and it may take a while which is why it is not for the faint-hearted.

Post Qoute

” time is very slow for those who wait, very fast for those are scared. very long for those who lament. very short for those who celebrate. but for those who love, time is eternal”

 William Shakespeare