New Year

No matter how you entered into the year know that you have a fresh new blanket to start all over. But before we do this, let us reflect over the past year.

I have always viewed growth to be in line with the ability to reflect on yourself. Reflection if done correctly, will give you the chance to address things rightly. How does one reflect correctly? By giving yourself the chance, to be honest with yourself, and open about your good and bad days. What are the things that you are proud of and things that maybe if you had a do-over will do it differently? Once you can reflect on these outwardly you are able to move onto one of my many life mottoes “make peace with your past so it does not disturb your present and future.

As we all know, when the end of the year happens we all see the post and blogs which talks about lessons learned over the year and goals set for the following year. This is something that I did last year if you have been following my blog long enough (thank you). I genuinely like to do this and I find it refreshing to put my thoughts down on paper. For me it always helps me to prioritise and once put in front of me I can sort out the important from the not so necessary ones. However, for this post, I just wanted to share with you all how I feel like my year has been like. From travels to relationships, education, and work.

As much I do not intend for this post to be preachy, I do know that everything I have learned has pointed to me to this;

Self Worth IS Important

hmmm, this is something that I know and have been drilled into me so many times. I, however, have grown to understands its depth as I navigate this adulting life I find that I need to remind myself. Fun fact, I once had a contact saved as such as I navigated the dating world. Because sometimes the devil will try and trick you to believe otherwise and that is not my portion. Self-worth to me is recognising and believing in what God has called me to be. Believing in his love, sharing that love with others and receiving it in turn. Not the Sufferage love preached in society, but love that does not seek to gain first before deciding if it is worth giving.

“Fellow females, we are not be obligated to be rehabilitation centres for broken men”.


As I said, everything this year has pointed me to recognising self-worth. How does work play into this you may wonder? At work, we have yearly reports written which analysis your conduct and performance over the year. This report determines whether your recommendations for promotion or not. We receive mentoring during the year. I was told (quite a lot) that I needed to have confidence in selling myself. Of course, I was quick to reply that my work will sell itself. But how many of us work in a place where we see people move up on the ladder not because they do a better job but because they know exactly how to speak to the right person and say the right things. We refer to them as kiss a** people but really what they have mastered is selling themselves high. I’m not encouraging you to go and do that. Nevertheless, when you know your worth and what you do and bring the table, join the meetings and let them know that.


I actually can’t believe the fact that I started university the year 2018. Going back to university was something that I have wanted to do for a long time. However, kept pushing it back for many a reason. In some ways, I actually missed exercising my brain (you should know by now that I am a geek at heart). I know that one of the reasons that took so long to back was because I lost my why. Why did I want to study Law? What was my goal? This again is why recognising my Self-worth was important. I owed myself to continue with developing myself and not giving up on myself. Not because I deserved it but because my Life is a gift from God and how I live it is my gift back to him. And I want to live it fully. To do this, I have to make sure I take opportunities given to learn and develop and be able to help others along the way. I have always said that I want to work for the A21 campaign who focuses on Human trafficking.


This was the biggest realisation in 2018. It was a humbling time as I could boldly say I was surrounded by my amazing friends and family. This is a blessing. As I looked around the room, filled with people who had travelled miles to celebrate my birthday with me, I was overcome with emotion; realising for the first time in a very long while that I was highly blessed, favoured and loved. I am so happy and grateful to God for the people that I have in my life.


I hope that by now you have been able to reflect over year. Recognised your blessing, set those goals and ready to have an amazing year. Because it is going to be great!

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