Best Practice For Ending the Year Well

I know its October and most of us do not think about how we would like to end the year until December and even then, it is not till after the Christmas celebrations. Then the new year is suddenly upon us. Over the years I have shied away from new year resolutions mainly because, I never followed through, and if I ever did it highly depended on how I ended the year.

It may seem as though wanting to prepare for the end of the year from now, is a bit of a stretch. However, if you are able to put your things right from now, you are less likely to get the ‘where did time go fever’ at the end of the year. But this is also more for preparing for new opportunities. It is better to be prepared for an opportunity when it arises than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.


Obviously, with Christmas around the corner, you know the present and sales are going to dig into your pocket. And from this, we hit the January blues. If you want to avoid that here are a few things I recommend.

  1. Set a budget for presents. I know, not everyone subscribes to the present giving of the Christmas spirits.  However, if you do, it’s a bill that ranks high, so let your friends and family know that you have a budget. This is mainly so they aware to lower their expectations, but it also means that they can limit on what they spend on you. This avoids any disgruntled feelings.
  2. Buy your presents early. There are currently loads of sales happening. Don’t wait for the last minute to buy it all, if you have the money sure, but if you would really like to save then buying presents earlier, steady and slower helps.
  3. Switch your bills around. Whatever bills you may have, if they are due renewals it’s always easy to avoid the hassle and stick with whatever company you have, but you will find that if you invest a little time you can save and keep all your benefits elsewhere.
  4. Open an ISA. If you do not have one then, you should its a great way to start saving.

Start Weeding

Preparing for the End of the Year

Over the months, there are lots of things that you have picked up along that may not be really be doing you any favours. So start working through them and shed the excess weight off you. Don’t drag bad habits into the following year thinking that because you got yourself a new year, new hair, all that suave that everything is going to change and you are going to have an epic year. You won’t, it really is that simple. There are things that you may need to weed out of your life that is not necessarily a bad thing, (unless it is an F*** boy/girl then they got to go) but if it really does not add to your life, then maybe it needs to go. Manage your priorities and if it doesn’t fit into your ultimate goal in life then it goes.

Stop Wishing and Start Doing

Preparing for the End of the Year

If you had new years resolution that you have been putting off for the past eight months it’s not too late start now. If you try to get one of it done, then it will help you push to get into the right mindset to start doing the other things you have been putting off. It will also help you start with good habits to go into the new year.

Don’t leave things Unfinished

Lastly, as a great procrastinator, I know too well the habit of leaving things to the last minute. It does not serve me well. So if you know that you have tasked that need to be completed, then start looking to complete them. By doing this you will be able to enter into the year with a proper clean slate.

“It is better to be prepared for an opportunity when it arises than to have an opportunity and not be prepared”.

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