“If you wait on motivation to feel motivated, to then act upon something you will never achieve on your dreams”

How does this make any sense? Aren’t we all told to find motivation as it is that which keeps us moving when we want to quit; I understand deeply that times get hard but nobody other than yourself can see your vision. So, how could motivation be nonsense if it has such value and pertinence to our future?

Where do you find your motivation

Every morning I like to listen to some form of motivation content whilst I get ready for the day ahead (I live for motivational speeches). Lately, I’ve been listening to a programme called ‘Impact Theory’. This is by Tom Bilyeu who interviews people that have overcome tremendous adversity in their life; hoping to teach people who aspire to success. When I came across one of his interviews with Mel Robins on “Why Motivation is Garbage”, I was immediately intrigued – I had to listen to it. Funnily enough, the interview inspired this post.

Motivation works alongside other components and that is one of many reasons as to why I love it. I am a big fan of ‘Les Brown’, (a huge huge fan), I relish the opportunity to be able to attend one of his seminars one day. (I believe in speaking things into existence; I have claimed my seat already). Eric Thomas is a great motivational is another great speaker who has truly inspired my perseverance, dedication and motivation. Throughout the year, you will begin to realise that motivation is not a feeling; but instead a way of behaving. At this point the term ‘motivation’ becomes obsolete. It is all about your mindset.

Personally, I am a dreamer and I have no shame in it. I have goals, ambitions and aspirations that may seem unrealistic to others, but being a “glass is half-full rather than half empty” person has allowed me to find solutions for my obstacles rather than let them hinder my passion and drive for pursuing my dreams. Here’s a personal anecdote, over a year or two ago I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about things I wanted to achieve over the next coming years. My main goal was to save enough to purchase my first property (bearing in mind I was only twenty years old at the time) The responses I received from them, indicated that my goal seemed far-fetched, especially because of my age. I was reminded of how expensive the purchase was going to be, but the expense didn’t stop me from wanting to change my dream into a reality like said I’m a dreamer and I dream BIG. You might be wondering what makes her so certain, here’s the secret: I had been told that I could achieve anything I set my mind to, if I believe in myself I can achieve anything.

Motivation Is Your Environment

From my previous post (Digging for Roots) you would know that I joined the Military at 18. After training, (I will never put myself through that experience again) I was posted to my first unit and the senior who I worked with encouraged me repeatedly to get myself on the property ladder, she said; “As soon as you can, get a house and invest your money while your young, you will not regret it”, she went on to explain how she purchased her first property at 21 without the help of her family or any exterior investment. This idea was supported by many people in my life, within and outside of work to which I am very grateful to God for.

This leads me on to two very important things, motivation in itself will not work if A: The people you surround yourself with cannot, do not, and will not aim higher than their current situation and B: if your conversation is not filled with encouragement, firm truth and possibilities. At my church, we are currently doing a series called ‘Living the Dream’, the preacher talked of 4 areas that are needed for reconciliation: Time, Truth, Trust and Two people in order for you to fully reconcile with someone.  Using the same analogy, motivation does not work on its own, which is why you cannot wait to feel motivated. First, it starts with the thought, thoughts become an action, the action becomes a habit and the habit becomes destiny. The environment you are in will contribute to the mindset you develop.

“thoughts become action,

the action becomes habit

and the habit becomes destiny” 

Motivation Is Your Mindset

It is all about how you see the world

From the conversation I had with my friend, I hope you can see the different mindsets that two individuals could have. One saw my age as a hindrance and my dream being too big; whilst the other saw my age as the perfect opportunity. It’s not that my friend didn’t think it possible at all, she just believed it wasn’t possible for a single, black girl who wasn’t even sure how long she would stay in her current job for. There were plenty of arguments presented which were very valid, however, I found that being told I was capable, motivated and gave me the drive to put a plan into place, with a date set for execution. As stated by the famous Les Brown “A dream becomes a goal when a date is set for its execution or achievement”.  Mindset is very important, because the way in which you view the world, is what you will put in it, and what you put in it is what you will get out of it.

I read a novel by Dr Carol S. Dweck called ‘Mindset’, the book illustrates how the way we think directly affects us. This is nothing new, the Bible has been revealing this to us for centuries; this is clearly shown in the biblical verse ‘as he thinketh in his heart so is he” Proverbs 23:7 KJV, another version states “so he becomes”.  This novel shows that the mindset is split into two categories: Growth and Traditional/Fixed. I will not go into detail about this right now, it’s way too diverse and needs a post of its own, in the meantime check out TagMeinPodcast (Soundcloud / YouTube) post about this two type of mind-sets.

 Motivation Is the Little Things

 I’ve frequently used the example that “motivation is not a feeling but instead a mindset”. Personally, I find that my motivation develops more as I continue to do the things I really don’t want to do; although I know that they will help me significantly in the future. “You must be prepared to do the things today others won’t do, in order to have the things that others won’t have(and guess what, Les Brown said this too), It is honestly and truly true, I recently purchased an HTML & CSS book. I am practically teaching myself ‘basic coding’. I don’t particularly have any interest in the subject matter but I need to have some basic knowledge if I want this blogging site to excel and be the best it could possibly be; I have to put in the work. And as I make small improvements I am encouraged more than ever to carry on and persevere. The grass is greener where you water it, that is where motivation will root and flourish.

Having read this, you may begin to think that I am consistently motivated and positive, this is not always the case, please believe I still face trails and obstacles that make me question my aspirations. There are times where you will put in the effort you have and bear no fruit, but you have to fail your way to success and do not define your success by others success. We do not all start in the same position, as the bible parable said some start with ten coins, others five coins and another with one coin. If you have the one, you can make two and from the two you can make four and from four, make eight, hopefully, you get where this is going. Let the little things keep you motivated.

 Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it gave you a new perspective on motivation.

 See you in my next post!

 P.S. Until the next one, it is only right that I leave you with a quote from THE man. 

 “If you fall make sure you fall on your back so you can get right back up” Les Brown

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