To say I have lost count at the number of times I have said this very phrase would be a great understatement. Many times we all use this word along with its siblings, should have and could have, to talk ourselves out of the very things which we seek. The world, especially our generation seems to be very hung up on “removing negative people and vibes from our life”, it is all about #positivevibes and even I have subscribed to it, even though I pride myself of not always subscribing to social trends of the time.



I bought myself a cushion with the sayings GOOD VIBES ONLY from New Look and it takes full pride on my bed.

 I mean the last month of 2016 all social media account had the #nonegativevibes & #positivevibes trending like crazy. My cousin had this picture as her DP for a while and of course, trust Twitter and Instagram to come up with a meme to combat it.