Today’s post is a little different. My aim for this blog is for it to be as engaging as possible and so below are 10 things about me and the contents covered in this blog.

Ten Things About MOI

I started this blog this February but under a different name: ‘Unconscious writings’.  I was really excited to be able to share things that I thoroughly enjoy with other people (although I was also nervous about it). Literature has been a profound passion of mine, and in my much younger years – my dream was to be a writer. I discovered my love for writing through my practices of writing a book or short stories. I was completely and utterly in the dark about the blogging world, until I discovered it through social media roughly 4 years ago.

So why now???

As I mentioned before, I started this blog in February 2017 however, I was only able to do one post before I succumbed to the demands of life. You know how life be playing us sometimes. I tried to revive my ‘unconscious’ blog (see what I did there) through a different methods. Such as attending a blogging event organised by the ‘Black British Bloggers’ in London. This was a great experience and gave me the opportunity to rethink a lot of things. For example, having a blog was going to take time, effort and a lot of patience. It was also important for to me focus on the right reasons for doing blogs and the amount of work required to make this something that I could be proud of.

 Onwards and Upwards

There will be a new blog post every Wednesday with a variety of content such as Finance, Christianity, Getting on the property ladder (purchasing your own property), lots and lots and lots on Motivation (I live for these), Travel experiences and other ‘Adulting’ topics. I will also be posting some fictional shorts stories purely entertainment. As much as I want the content of my blogs to teach people to be content in their current situation, to inspire and encourage others to strive for more; I also understand that stopping to take a break is vital. You know the saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

See you on my next post,

Until then, remember “there is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you”. We are not here to be plain!!




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