It's International Women's Day, So let us talk about being a woman.

It’s ​International Women’s Day, So Let’s ​Talk about being a Woman.

I reflect on this day set aside to celebrate being a woman. But what does that mean to me? There is soo much weight that comes with that word. There are many parts of me as a woman that fits the status quo and others do not. I am strong and resilient and driven. Above all, I determined to live, live full, literally #livemybestlife. But there are times when I am vulnerable and instead of being the neck and lifting others up, I want also to be lifted up. I am proud to say that I am surrounded by women who do just that.

The thing about motivation...sometimes its hard to come by

The thing about Motivation…

The thing about motivation is that it has been thrown around so many times that it has lost its meaning. It’s hard for it to resonate with people. It’s almost as if only superficial people who have lost touch with the real world keep harping on about motivation.

Is it worth the hype?

Book Review: Becoming ​By Michelle Obama

Becoming, by Michelle Obama is a bestseller in 2018. But is it worth the hype? Is it popcorn worthy? Is she spilling any Washington hot tea??Have you read this book or intend to read it? Well I can say that its worth a read and this is what I took from it.

#10year challenge

#10 Year Challenge – Growing in Confidence

Growth is uncomfortable but it is important to endure. Because in the end, the only beneficiary is you. Here is a post on change and growth from a shy person to a more confident one…


Are Black People Blowing things out proportion with Liam Neeson’s interview?

Todays post is very different from my usual ones. Are black people pulling the race card again with the recent Liam Neeson comments? With this blogpost I share my two cents and address John Barnes comments…Also are we divided as a community?

SMART ways to keep your goals

Keeping your promises the SMART way.

We all have goals that we want to achieve, but how do we actually keep going when things get tough? read todays post on the SMART ways..

Why I decided to not set new year resolutions

Why I decided to do Away With New Year’s Resolutions.

We are almost at the end of January. This is when you know whether or not you will be keeping your resolutions or not, even though I decided to not partake in the resolution theme this year, I went ahead to set goals and here are steps to make sure I follow it through.